Announcing new services and support from Skeleton Labs

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Announcing new services and support from Skeleton Labs
In a hurry? Visit the new Skeleton Labs website for details.

Hey everyone,

Chris here from the Skeleton and Skeleton Labs teams. I'm thrilled to announce that Skeleton Labs is now provided premium services and support for your Skeleton projects. This is something we've been cooking for several months. We also discussed this in details during our Skeleton v1.0 launch livestream event:

Skeleton Labs YouTube Video

What's the Goal?

Skeleton Labs was founded to provide a commercial extension to the open source Skeleton project. This means providing support to anyone who wishes to use Skeleton in a professional capacity. While our free community support through Discord and GitHub has been great (fielding 50-75 issues per week), we know that some groups may need a bit more time and attention.

Additionally, one of the core tenets of Skeleton Labs is to fund the open source project and ensure it continues to thrive for years to come. This includes compensation for full time members, like myself, who strive to maintain, update, and extend the library for you in meaningful ways every single day.

To this end, we think these new services will be a great way to provide more support to our professionals in the space. While also supporting the members of Skeleton responsible for keeping the project going day to day.

New Support and Services

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 3 05 57 PM

As part of today's update, Skeleton Labs will now offer professional consulting, contracting, and technical support. These services draw from our intimate knowledge of Skeleton, as well as decades of experience building platforms for the web ecosystem. For more information see our new website:

Starting this week, we're offering free consultations with a member of the Skeleton Labs team. In most cases you'll be meeting with me to discuss and craft a strategic plan to fulfill the needs of your project. If you're interested, you can book right now, directly on our new website:

Reflecting on Skeleton Lab's Success

We've seen great success via the Skeleton sponsorship programs, with dozens of individual sponsors between GitHub, Ko-Fi, and Patreon. We utilize your donations to cover Skeleton’s ongoing infrastructure costs (domains, hosting, blog services, etc), as well as contribute to key initiatives, such as paid advertising. This helps boost the size of Skeleton's community, which means more contributors and contributions, which in turn helps Skeleton continue to grow and evolve.

What's Next?

With sponsorship and services now widely available, our next goal is a new digital marketplace for Skeleton. This will initially feature a highly curated set of professional website templates for websites, blogs, and more over time. These templates will be purpose built for Skeleton, including direct support for our adaptive themes, allowing you to rebrand in seconds. We're excited to share more about this in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support,
Chris Simmons