Skeleton v1.2.5

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Skeleton v1.2.5


Skeleton at Svelte Summit!

That's right, be on the lookout for a lightning talk from the Skeleton crew at the upcoming Svelte Summit spring conference, hosted by Svelte Society. The event will be on Saturday, May 6th. View the Svelte Summit website local times and more information:

New Huntabyte Video!

We're thrilled to share that Skeleton was recently covered by Svelte-focused YouTube content creator Huntabyte. In his latest video he provides a quick crash course into setting up a new Skeleton project and building a simple application. Hunter is a wonderful supporter and contributor in the Svelte community, so please drop him a like and follow!

New Skeleton v2 Roadmap

We've shared a new article discussing the future of Skeleton and the priority for upcoming features. As well as discussing progress on Skeleton Labs. View the article below to learn more about our plans.

Release Notes


  • 🛠️ A variety of minor improvements
  • 📗 Various documentation updates
  • 🐞 A number of notable bugfixes

Minor Improvements