Skeleton v1.9.0

Chris Simmons @SkeletonUI
Skeleton v1.9.0


Coming Soon: Premium Templates from Skeleton Labs

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As part of the Skeleton Labs roadmap we've been promising premium templates for quite a while. These are intended to be fully functional apps built from the ground up to utilize Skeleton. This includes direct support for our adaptive theme system, allowing for ultimate customization compared to traditional templates. We're happy to announce that this is progressing well, and wanted to pull back the curtain and give you a quick sneak peek at our personal portfolio and blog templates. Both will be available at launch, with more options added over time. We're very excited to show you more, so keep an eye out for our full announcement in the near future!

Release Notes

Svelte 4 Support Added

We're happy to announce that Skeleton now fully supports Svelte 4. This was a monumental effort by contributor @AdrianGonz97 (aka Coka), so please send him some <3. While this is a major update to Svelte, the changes themselves include minimal new features, and instead mostly focus on triage. However the Svelte team is using this to set the stage for Svelte 5. For full details we recommend checking the official posts by the Svelte team, as well as the awesome video summary by Joy of Code:

The updates to Skeleton include the following:

  • Updated all dependencies that now support Svelte 4
  • Performed a full audit and cover everything in the migration guide
  • Updated all component transitions since |local is now set by default.
  • Fixed all import paths that targeted svelte/internal
  • Added Svelte 3 and 4 as peer dependencies
  • Enhanced all types for custom dispatched events
  • We've currently disabled some a11y-focused warnings - see details on this below
  • Determined the lowest version of Svelte we will support (v3.56.0)

If you update and encounter additional issues though, please reach out through GitHub Issues or the #skeleton-support channel on our Discord server.

Svelte 4 Accessibility Warnings

Svelte provides a number of warnings when certain a11y conditions are not met, such as missing a recommended ARIA role. We've identified a handful of features in Skeleton that are currently not up to par and triggering these warnings. However, we've opted to silence them, which allows us to provide Svelte 4 support sooner than later. That said, we will aim to resolve each of these warnings in subsequent releases of Skeleton. Unfortunately a few may incur breaking changes and will need to be delayed to our next major release (Skeleton v2.0). If you're curious to track the progress on this, please monitor the following issue: